Waveguard Reusable Clinical EEG Caps

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ANT Neuro’s Waveguard EEG caps are the most advanced EEG caps available.  

WaveGuard caps are specifically designed to provide high quantity data that is well suited for both clinical and research EEG studies. 

The pre-positioned electrodes follow the international standard 10/20-System.  This montage setting covers the most frequently used electrode positions.  
Due to the pre-positioned electrodes, the time for preparing each patient is significantly reduced.  For example putting on a 21 channel cap and gelling it should take maximum 10 minutes.
The electrodes used with the Waveguard caps are covered by two fabric layers to guarantee best protection for the electrode body and cables.  The electrode sensors, the fabric along with all other parts and materials have been selected and designed to reach more than 500 cycles of recording and cleaning.  

  • No loose wires – safe use and maintenance 
  • Quick application, easy to clean 
  • Comfortable fit, breathable Coolmax fabric 
  • Available in 21, 25,32, 64 channels 
  • Electrodes available in Tin or Ag/AgCl material 
  • Connects to many EEG recording systems – Neurosoft, NicoletOne, Nihon Kohden, Mitsar, Micromed etc

For more information on the Waveguard and available options please review our catalogue: Waveguard Clinical Cap Catalogue

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