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WAM-1R MonitorWAM-1R Monitor

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Secure Safety Solutions Wireless Alarm Monitor is part of the new patented Secure Wireless Patient Monitoring System. This system takes falls management monitors to the next level by eliminating tripping hazards, removing the fall monitor sound from the patient room, and employing an advanced, continuous 2.4G patented bi-directional wireless communication technology which minimizes interference within a facility and ensures secure, instantaneous communication between components. 

  • Wireless bi-directional technology – pads to transmitter to alarm
  • Multiple wireless applications – bed/chair pressure sensors or floor mats
  • Auto Reset button – reduce errors
  • Secure connection – up to 500 feet in open area 
  • Low battery indicators
Use up to 3 transmitters per alarm

For the Wireless Alarm Monitor instructions for use please click here: Wireless Alarm IFU

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