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The Secure Safety Solutions 120 dB Fall Management Patient Alarm Monitor  is ideal for use in rooms farthest from the nurse’s station. Our fall management alarm monitors can be used as part of a pressure sensor pad system or a seat belt set. They are tamper-resistant, include a test and reset button and a low battery indicator light.

  • Always on for resident safety – impossible for staff to forget to activate fall alarm monitor
  • Tamper-resistant covers conceal patient fall alarm monitor settings
  • Flashing alert light easily identifies activated fall alarm monitor
  • Choice of 120, 90 or 80 dB
  • Low battery indicator light & sound continues to alert until batteries are changed
  • Test & reset button
  • Protective holder, 3 AAA batteries & screwdriver included
  • Optional Nurse Call Cable 
  • Optional AC power supply saves battery life 
  • Auto reset feature eliminates false alarms or “alarm monitor fatigue”
  • An alarm monitor will not sound if residents roll over in bed
  • Alarm monitor sound will automatically shut off if resident sits or lies back down on pad after fully getting off pad
  • Ultra-thin monitoring pads are discreet and imperceptible to residents. Ideal for dementia residents

For the 120dB Alarm Monitor instructions for use please click here:120dB Alarm IFUs

For more information or to but these products in Canada please contact NeuroSource Medical. 

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