Rhythmlink Reusable Disc EEG Cup Electrodes

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Rhythmlink Reusable Single or Paired Disc Electrodes


  • 10mm disc with your choice of tin, silver plated brass or gold plated brass discs
  • 0.61 meter (24”) red and black twisted PVC insulated leadwires ending with standard touch proof connectors
  • Also available with a .91 meter (36”) shielded leadwire
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Additional information

Product ID

445-10G-120TP, 445-10G-48TP, 445-10G-60TP, 445-10G-72TP, 445-10G-96TP, 445-10S-120TP, 445-10S-48TP, 445-10S-60TP, 445-10S-72TP, 445-10S-96TP

Wire Length

120" (304cm), 48" (122cm), 60" (152cm), 72" (183cm), 96" (244cm)

Cup Size


Connector Type

Touch proof

Disc Material

Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Tin