Rhythmlink Disposable Subdermal Needle Electrode – Parallel Pair

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Rhythmlink Single use Subdermal Needle Electrode – Parallel Pair


Rhythmlink’s Subdermal Needle Electrodes offer the quality you expect and deliver the patient comfort that you need. Made of high-tensile strength stainless steel, cleared for both stimulating and recording, Rhythmlink has created a line of products to meet your every need. Select from a variety of needle lengths and styles, lead wire colors and lengths, singles or pairs, you have flexibility to select the right set of electrodes for you.

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Product ID

RLSND121-1.0, RLSND121-1.5, RLSND121-2.5, RLSND122-1.0, RLSND122-1.5, RLSND122-2.5, RLSND123-1.5, RLSND123-2.5, RLSND125-1.5, RLSND125-2.5, RLSND173-1.5, RLSND173-2.5, RLSND174-1.5, RLSND174-2.5, RLSP503


Long (19mm), Long (22mm), Short (7mm), Standard


0.28" (7mm), 0.50" (13mm), 0.75" (19mm), 0.87" (22mm)


27G (0.40 mm)

Wire Length

100" (2.5M), 40" (1M), 60" (1.5M)


, ,


10, 12