Rhythmlink Disposable Stimulating Probes

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Rhythmlink Single use Stimulating Probes


Rhythmlink’s Stimulating Probes are made from stainless steel with handles specifically designed for a surgeons needs.
Each probe has been designed for specific procedures in mind.

For more information please contact your Neurosource sales representative.

Additional information

Product ID

RLBTP100-1.5, RLBTP100-2.5, RLBTP101-1.5, RLBTP101-2.5, RLMSP050-1.5, RLMSP050-2.5, RLMSP051-1.5, RLMSP051-2.5, RLMSP100-2.5, RLMSP101-2.5

Probe Description

Extended Monopolar Stimulating Probe, Standard Ball Tip Stimulating Probe, Standard Monopolar Stimulating Probe


3.94" (100mm), 6.3" (160mm)


0.06" (1.5mm), 0.14" (3.5mm)

Wire Length

100" (2.5M)


1, 10, 5