Rhythmlink Disposable EEG Deep Cup Electrodes

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Rhythmlink Disposable EEG Deep Cup

  • Deeper cup (2.5 times the standard size cup) to hold more conductive material with the wider rim of our slim cup design
  • Pre-attached leadwire
  • Can be used with any gel, paste, collodion or other similar adhesive
  • High quality recordings
  • Eliminate cross contamination
  • A molded safety connector with ample built-in strain relief
Rhythmlink Disposable Deep Cup Electrode Datasheet: Rhythmlink Disposable EEG Deep Cup Electrode Datasheet

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Additional information

Product ID

DC110, DC115, DC120, DC125

Wire Length

1.0M, 1.5M, 2.0M, 2.5M

Cup Size


Connector Type

DIN 42 802

Cup Material

ABS Plastic Coated with Ag/AgCI