Natus Reusable EEG Genuine Grass Cup Electrodes

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Natus Grass EEG Electrodes

Each Genuine Grass EEG Electrode undergoes rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to assure long life for unsurpassed recording clarity and dependability


  • Choice of 10 mm diameter cast cups in gold, silver or 6 mm diameter gold cast cups
  • Choice of three unique, versatile 1.5 mm touchproof connectors
  • Choice of lightweight or tangle-free lead wires; both include Kevlar® strands for added strength
  • Compatible with steam and EtO sterilization
  • Ten lead wire colors: brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white, tan
  • Hole drilled in stem permits full lead wire insertions for optimum electrical and mechanical bond. Double strain relieved for durability and to prevent fluid invasion to maintain purity
Gold Cup: Heavy 24k gold plate over pure silver, burnished for smoothness 
Silver Cup: Pure silver, burnished for smoothness

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    Additional information

    Product ID

    F-E5GH-12, F-E5GH-120, F-E5GH-24, F-E5GH-30, F-E5GH-48, F-E5GH-60, F-E5GH-72, F-E5GH-96, FH-E5GH-48, FH-E5GH-60, FH-E5GH-72, FH-E5GH-96, FH-E5SH-48, FS-E5GH-120, FS-E5GH-48, FS-E5GH-60, FS-E5GH-72, FS-E5GH-96, FS-E5SH-48, FS-E5SH-60

    Wire Length

    12" (30.5cm), 120" (304cm), 24" (61cm), 30" (76cm), 48" (122cm), 60" (152cm), 72" (183cm), 96" (244cm)

    Wire Type

    Lightweight Teflon, No-Tangle Silcone

    Cup Size


    Cup Material

    Gold w/2mm hole, Silver w/2mm hole

    Connector Type

    Hand-Crafted 1.5mm Touchproof, Molded 1.5mm Touchproof