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Moller’s LiquoGuard 7 is the only CSF management system that simultaneously measures CSF pressure and drains cerebrospinal fluid under controlled circumstances.

LiquoGuard 7 will notify staff immediately when there is an occlusion, pressure discrepancies, or catheter disconnections. This helps clinicians by knowing their external drain patients are being monitored closely and consistently – and only need to intervene when the device senses a problem with the drainage process.

The system not only supervises the patient levels, but also supervises itself. Any inconsistency in the measured pressure leads to an alarm so that you will know immediately when a problem is detected.

Key Clinical Features 
  • Improve Patient Safety 
    • Lower the risk of inadvertent under and/or over-drainage by precisely controlling CSF outflow 
    • LiquoGuard 7 notifies the staff immediately if/when an occlusion occurs, there are pressure discrepancies or a catheter becomes disconnected.
    • The device not only supervises the patient but also supervises itself. Any inconsistencies in the pressure measured promptly leads to an alarm that notifies the nurse a problem has been detected.
  • Reduce Clinician Workload 
    • LiquoGuard 7 measures pressure and drains CSF simultaneously without the need to adjust stopcocks, re-zero, or re-level a transducer. LiquoGuard 7 may be set to drain CSF based on pressure or drain a specific volume of CSF each hour. 
    • Continuously record the course of treatment on screen and via the bedside monitor.
  • Gets Patients Moving 
    • Early ambulation improves post-surgical outcomes. An automated CSF drainage technology with smart sensors makes this possible.
    • LiquoGuard 7 precisely controls the outflow of CSF mechanically, not by gravity.  The patient may sit up in bed or walk freely while actively draining without the risk of “dumping” CSF.

Vascular Surgery and Anesthesiology
During vascular surgery intervention (e.g. TAA, TAAA)LiquoGuard 7 reliably monitors the pressure situation and the flow of CSF, documents the progression and helps detect situations that are harmful for the patient, early on.
Typical application cases are:

  • Intraoperative neurological monitoring
  • Postoperative neurological monitoring
  • Pressure controlled CSF drainage
Neurosurgical and Accidental Surgery 
LiquoGuard 7 is traditionally used to control and adjust the cerebrospinal fluid pressure for continuous and regulated drainage, and for relief of acute high-pressure events (bleeding, edema, etc.).  Patients of any age, pediatric as well as geriatric, profit, and for medical personnel the effort associated with supporting and monitoring the drainage is reduced.
Typical application cases are:
  • Ventricular drainage
  • Lumbar drainage
  • Pressure controlled drainage
  • Volume controlled drainage
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Support
Diagnosis of NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) is difficult at times. LiquoGuard 7 supports you through the possibility of performing automated diagnostic procedures (Lumbar infusion test, Tap Test, Continuous lumbar drain, Continuous pressure monitoring).

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