Friendship Single Use Nerve Locating Probes

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Friendship Single Use Nerve Locating Probes

Friendship Single Use Nerve Locating Probe Features

Friendship disposable nerve locating probes in different shapes are applied to different parts of human body by practitioners to stimulate the nerve and detect the original functional condition of nerve of surgical sites during the intraoperative process, or assist practitioners to analyze and determine whether neural function is normal or not during the intraoperative process or after the operation.

Generally, in the process of stimulation and detection, the probe shape and length should be chosen based on the following situations according to necessary monitoring range in operation and probe shape required by parts of human body:

  • ┬áConcentric nerve stimulator probe is mainly intended for small scope usage and the stimulating area is between 1.0mm2 and 1.4mm2. The stimulating wave of electrical impulse from central electrode is controlled within the outer electrode. The stimulating area is within the range of millimeter which is not liable to cause strong stimulation
  • Ball tip direct nerve stimulator probe, monopolar direct nerve stimulator probe and flush tip direct nerve stimulator probe are mainly applied to peripheral nerve stimulating. The stimulating area depends on the setting of return electrodes
  • Bipolar direct nerve stimulator probes, double ball tip direct nerve stimulator probes and double hook nerve stimulator probes are mainly applied to stimulation and recording of peripheral nerve as well as recording of peripheral nerve conduction and identification and functional determination of nerve when the peripheral nerve is transplanted. The stimulating area is between two electrodes
  • Triple hook nerve stimulator probes have the same function as the double ball tip direct nerve stimulator probes but the stimulus artifact is smaller (the stimulated current is spread in a controlled way)
  • Probe with long shaft is applied to bigger cavity or deeper cut during intraoperative process. High-quality 304 stainless steel is used for this series of probe. The surface of probe itself possesses very great biocompatibility, high intensity and perfect flexibility and insulating material withstand high voltage in 1000V. Since there is an insulated layer on the surface of probe itself and the body fluid is easy to access to insulation interlayer to form a barrier layer of a place that could hold dirt and filthy things, it is apt to make cross-infection
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