Dixi Medical Microdeep SEEG Electrodes

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Dixi Medical MICRODEEP® is a multi-contact flexi-rigid intracerebral electrode, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and a hemispherical tip.
The active part is hand polished for an optimized smooth surface. 

  • Diameter 0.8 mm
  •  Platinum / Iridium
  •  From 5 to 18 contacts
  •  Active exploration length ranges from 16 mm to 80.5 mm
  •  Proprietary cap designed to prevent the electrode from moving to ensure a good seal and to serve as a depth maker
  •  Total length: 100 cm
For the Dixi MICRODEEP electrodes datasheet please click here: MICRODEEP® references and lengths

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Additional information

Product ID

D08-05AM, D08-08AM, D08-10AM, D08-12AM, D08-15AM, D08-15BM, D08-15CM, D08-18AM, D08-18CM

Number of Contacts

10, 12, 15, 15 (3×5), 18, 18 (3×6), 5, 8

Total Exploration Length

16mm, 26.5mm, 33.5mm, 40.5mm, 51mm, 61.5mm, 62mm, 70mm, 80.5mm

Contact Length


Insulating Spacer Length

1.5mm, 1.5mm / 11mm, 1.5mm / 7mm