Braebon Reusable Thermistor

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Braebon Reusable Thermistor

  • Most comfortable design available
  • No prongs to go up the nose
  • Connects directly to the headbox
  • Works with all PSG systems
  • Longest warranty in the industry

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0510, 0510A, 0510A5, 0510PED, 0514, 0514A6, 5512


Adult Nasal/Oral Thermocouple wiht 1.5mm Safety Pins, Adult OroNasal Thermistor with 1.5mm Safety Pins, Alice 3 Compatible OroNasal Themistor, Alice 5 Compatible OroNasal Thermistor, cTherm Cannula Thermistor, cTherm Cannula Thermistor for Alice 6 Amplifier, Pediatric (Ages 1-10 yrs) OroNasal Thermistor with 1.5mm Safety Pins