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Blood Administration Sets 

NeuroSource Medical is proud to represent Codan in the specialty anesthesia set and blood set category in Canada.Codan

Our customizable anesthesia blood solution sets are utilized and trusted by anesthesia and operating room teams globally.

Why choose NeuroSource Medical and Codan Blood Administration Sets for your operating room?
  • Large variety of blood set sku’s that are already in use today in operating rooms around the world.
  • Ability to customize – NeuroSource will work with your anesthesia teams to design the right specialty anesthesia blood set for your practice.
  • Range of componentry to choose from including our quality designed hand pumps.
  • Stable and consistent supply – NeuroSource has a Canadian based warehouse to stock product for your department.Blood Admin Set
  • Codan is ISO 13485 and MDSAP Certified
Key Features
  • Variety of drip chamber styles and sizes
  • Varying micron amounts/filter sizes including our elongated micron filter chamber designs
  • Check valves incorporated into the blood set tubing
  • Slide and pinch clamp designs that suit your practice.
  • Needle-free connectors – attached or detachable.
  • Stopcock manifold options that can be incorporated into your set designs.
  • Not made with DEHP or natural rubber latex

Please work with your NeuroSource Medical representative to find the right anesthesia blood set that suits your hospital practice.  We are happy to provide a list of existing or customizable solutions.

For more information or to buy these products in Canada please contact NeuroSource Medical.