Ambu Neuroline 74612 Twisted Pair Subdermal

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Ambu Single use Twisted Pair Subdermal

Ambu Neuroline Twisted Pair Subdermal needles provide confidence
and reliability, which is needed in the operating room.

The needles have been optimised to provide effortless, secure
recordings. The needles are made of solid stainless steel, which
offer the combination of strength and flexibility.

Strength ensures that you quickly and efficiently penetrate the skin.
In addition, the tip of the needle is sharpened with precision to an
ultra sharp lancet cut for easy skin penetration.

The needles minimize interference and artifact. The Twisted Pair is
especially recommended for Intra- Operative Monitoring recordings.

The lead wires are color-coded and are available in 20
different color combinations for easy placement identification.
Each lead wire has a standard touch-proof safety connector.


  • Lancet cut sharp tip for low penetration resistance
  • Low noise and impedance level giving you a clear reliable signal
  • Stainless steel needle optimized between strength and flexibility
  • Color-coded soft lead wires
Recommended Applications
  • Evoked Potentials (EP)
  • Intra-Operative Monitoring (IOM)
For the Ambu Neuroline Twisted Pair Datasheet, click here: Ambu IONM Twisted Pair Options

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