Ambu Neuroline Disposable Cup Electrodes

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Ambu Neuroline Disposable Cup Electrode


  • Fully single-use EEG Cup Electrode to minimize the risk of bacterial cross contamination and to enhance departmental efficiency¬†
  • Advanced silver/silver chloride sensor ensures uniform high signal quality
  • Pre-attached lead wires
  • Color coded lead wires for easy identification
  • Minimized risk of cross-contamination
Disposable Cup Electrode Datasheet: Ambu Neuroline Disposable Cup Datasheet

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Additional information

Product ID

72610-M/10, 72615-M/10, 72620-M/10

Wire Length

1.0M, 1.5M, 2.0M

Cup Size


Connector Type

1.5mm touch-proof

Cup Material

Polycarbonate (PC)/ABS/Silver chloride (Ag/AgCl)


10 per pack